Terms and Conditions

ANYONE can pick a challenge that appeals to them (doing a good deed that they want others to do) and then email us their own video.You must challenge 3 people that you want to continue your good deed or do their own challenge.
The video can be emailed via Dropbox or www.wetransfer.com at the email address below:
If you don`t want to do a video, but still want to do a good deed and inspire others, you may also email us an article (no less than 100 words) that describes your humanityVIP challenge / humanitarian cause, tags/ names of those you`d like to challenge, a minimum of 2 (good quality) images and your social media links. If the images were shot by a photographer, please  send us his/ her name and social media links as well.
We do NOT allow:
-hate speech, harassment, profanity, vulgarity or inappropriate material directed toward specific individuals or groups of individuals.
-obscene, defamatory or libelous content.
-copyrighted material for which you do not have the corresponding rights to publish.
-sexually explicit or suggestive material, including real or simulated images, text or video.
-offensive, profane, obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language or imagery.
-unlawful, prohibited, or regulated goods, products or services, including those that promote illegal or prohibited activities.
-graphic, obscene or violent content that is published for sadistic effect or to glorify violence.


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