Artist Paints 5500 Portraits for Social Change

Artists have a powerful medium for reporting on the consciousness of our current civilization and can paint visual records of the unpalatable realities of our time. The aim is to move the viewer to feel those realities and engage them in a dialogue for change.” ~ AAOD

The An Act of Dog Museum of Compassion (AAOD) is paving two parallel pathways: cultivating compassion for animals and raising funds through the sale of the fine art products to give back to rescue groups across the nation, and working with schools to show kids how to use their art for social change.

There are 5,500 portraits of shelter dogs, and they envision them in a working/interactive museum where kids will come to create for an animal cause or other social injustices they are passionate about, turning their art into a product and building social campaigns to raise money and awareness for change.

They believe that it is critically important to put meaningful art back into schools to allow children the process of self discovery, and to ignite a desire to become informed about the atrocities in society, and to use their creativity to bring them into the light.

Mark Barone Image Credit: An Act of Dog

Mark Barone Image Credit: An Act of Dog


Mark Barone has been an artist/narrative painter, for over 30 years, with his work featured in top art publications, awarded and exhibited throughout America, with much of his work hanging in private and corporation collections all around the world. It has been Mark’s intention as an artist to restore the soul of these animals, who have been lost, and to ensure that the others have a second chance at a beautiful life. He considers this project his calling.

Because of his hard work to bring awareness to this cause and the beautiful museum he has created, it has caught the eye of PBS. In 2017, there will be a documentary released about An Act of Dog Museum of Compassion.

For more information on AAOD, please visit

Also, please watch the PBS trailer below:


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