Donna Hermenn Horner

LA girl transplanted to Texas (don’t ask) with more than 20 years experience in commercial, television and photography make-up and hair styling.


 I’m basically a “one stop shop” for hair and make-up. My favorite thing about being a make-up artist is making people feel and look beautiful. That inspires me in ways money can’t buy. Everybody deserves to feel beautiful and everything you do adds up to a better you. You don’t have to have a lot, but just take care of what you have; hair, nails, healthy skin and exercise can result in a huge boost in confidence.
I believe there is beauty in everyone, not just in models. Please don’t compare yourself to what you see in print or on the screen. It’s not like you have me every day doing your make-up and photographers photo-shopping the pictures. What you see in the final product is somewhat of an illusion. I see too many young girls today comparing themselves to these unrealistic images. 


George Strait for his lifetime achievement award at the CMA, Vicki Carr for her lifetime achievement award at the Latin Grammy Awards, Friday Night Lights Television Series, Spurs Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Tony Parker, Fabricio, Manu Genobli, Robert Horry, Coach Papovich, Silver Dancers, Sports Illustrated, San Antonio Wedding Guide, Discovery Channel, KSAT News Billboard, WWE Wrestlers, Bill and Karen Davidson of Harley Davidson, Obama for President Campaign Committee, Teen Vogue Magazine, Teen Vogue Runway Show at the X Games, Miss Universe, Ancira Nissan, Time Warner, American Eagle, Lifetime Network, Proctor and Gamble Special Olympics, AT&T Center, Maxim, FHM, Miller Beer Company, Coca Cola, EyeMasters, Time Warner, Saks Fifth Avenue, Churches Chicken, Mac, Aveda, Toni & Guy, Turrucco, Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Gucci, Prada, D Mademoiselle, The Violent Hour, Miss Roxy Derek, Roxy Surfwear, Fox and many others. This year`s indie films: “Killing Strain”, “The Institution of Marriage” (filmed in Costa Rica) and “Leavening Lead” filmed in France in 2012, and the list goes on because every day is a new opportunity in my life.


This business has an ebb and flow that does not afford a regular paycheck. One week you’re riding the wave, busy all the time and scrambling to make it from one job to the next. The next week you may be listening to crickets and wondering when the next job will be. As a single parent, scheduling is key and making time for family is important, but so is paying the mortgage.
The reason why I share this is because everyone thinks I have such a glamorous job, and it can be, but job security is solely dependent on my management skills and keeping everything in balance :home, life and career. Don’t quit your day job unless you can hang.



“I met Donna while shooting a commercial in San Antonio, Texas. We immediately became friends and continued to work together, even overseas, such as in France and Germany. Donna is my sister in Christ and a true inspiration to me. She is the most creative make-up artist I`ve ever met, a tough cookie and the most positive energy to have around. When I`m on a boring set, I wish she`d be around, so I think of her and I immediately smile.  Her vibrant and fun personality is what every set needs!” (says Catalina Magee, the CEO of Trend Prive Magazine)


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Behind the scenes with Donna Horner and Catalina Magee


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