Franz Szony

Franz Szony is a fashion, commercial and fine art American photographer who grew up in Nevada.  As the son of a casino manager, he watched all the shows that came to town.  The show’s costumes clearly have affected his work.
He enrolled in art classes at the age of five and the legend was born. Lucky for us at an early age, Franz realized that he was destined to be an artist. He immersed himself in the craft by studying the history of photography and the techniques of other photographers then perfected his own style that would set him apart.  Coming into his own over the years has had its ups and downs but he never lost sight of his path.  He has no regrets and thinks the word “regret” should be banned.


As a fashion designer, one quickly realizes the difference between photography and fashion photography.  It is your dream to work with a photographer who has the technique and vision to bring your images to life creating scenes you never thought possible.  Working with Franz Szony, you will get elegance, style, craziness and a little bit of danger.  He takes us on a wild ride with his “artistic eye”.  We are all lucky to have bought a ticket“, says Stacey Blanchet (TPM Senior Editor).

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Check out more of Franz` work HERE.



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