Helen Utsal

Vancouver Island artist Helen Utsal describes the patterns, light and movement of ancient trees, big skies and reflective waters in an impressionistic and emotional way.

The extraordinary natural beauty found in the Pacific Northwest calls for big expression and gesture.

‘I begin with an underpainting of liquid acrylic washes, then work with large palette knives and brushes in broad gestures of oil paint mixed with cold wax medium. In popped up colours I seek to capture the light and easy exuberance in the landscape. I hope my paintings resonate with the viewer so they are reminded of their own connection to Nature.’

Utsal’s work has been exhibited in Canada and the United States and her paintings are part of private collections in Canada, Scotland, Germany, the U.S. and the U.K.

Helen lives on Vancouver Island and works in her studio at Art Alchemy.



Instagram is @artist_hutsal Facebook artist helen utsal Twitter @utsalhelen





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