Jeffrey Conroy


Chicago artist Jeff Conroy recently unveiled his most recent work “Pulse Orlando – Art for Orlando” being auctioned to benefit the victims of June’s attack at Pulse Nightclub.

Jeffrey`s Pulse Orlando piece (also as featured on Trend Prive Magazine), is being displayed on the West Coast as part of the city of San Francisco’s holiday tree display. This year’s World Tree of Hope is dedicated to Pulse and Jeffrey is honored to have his brilliant piece displayed at the foot of their beautiful tree. This again is in cooperation with the Rainbow World Fund.

Jeffrey has one other piece making the high profile rounds in the SF Bay area. The piece is commemorating the trial of Brock Turner, the Stanford Rapist that is now in the hands of leading Rape Victim’s Advocate, Stanford law Professor, Michele Dauber. Michele is leading the charge to recall Judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced Turner to only 6 months in jail for his sexual assault on an unconscious female victim. With these pieces Jeffrey hopes to spread awareness to social issues that he feels strongly about, by connecting with people visually.

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More at:

Art For Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub Victims

Link to Michele Dauber’s work:

Link to World Tree Of Hope:

Jeffrey`s website:


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