Krystina Kitsis

Krystina Kitsis of EctoMorph

Ectomorph started in 1985 as an experiment, spurred by the excitement generated by a new club in Soho, called ‘Skin Two’ where the designer felt there was a need for fresh ideas in fetish clothing. “I thought it would be interesting to take fetish into fashion”. Subcultures,
like Punk had already flirted with fetish paraphernalia and she wanted to take it further.
“I was fresh out of college, having studied cultural history at the Royal College of Art and written a thesis on the connection between
sexuality and fashion that took me into the area of fetish and the way it had evolved. I was determined to write myself into the history of fetishism by transforming its image through fashion, though I retained many of fetish’s intrinsic elements, those of silhouette and detail, whilst applying a modern approach.”

When we asked the designer what or who inspires her the most, she answered “I am aspired by fashion, exhibitions; I collect ideas all the time and then reinterpret them in my designs.”
Her style is Edgy Fetish Fashion. She designs elegant sexy latex clothes that can be worn in any context to a restaurant, a nightclub as well as in the privacy of one’s
home. All the latex garments are hand-crafted. The latex is sculpted into tailored garments through her unique process of sewing the fabric. The seams are also glued to reinforce them and ensure durability. The designs are such that they flatter all sexual persuasions and body shapes. The designer`s unique style will continue to produce high quality garments that will be unmatched by any other company.

When we asked the designer what makes her collection stand out from the rest of the other designers, we already knew the obvious (her amazing way of creating a new world of fashion), but her humble answer was “I stitch latex and have developed my own technique so that my latex clothes are distinguished by the stitching. I also use a lot of studding detail and mix the latex with other fabrics like lace and tulle. The stitching allows the clothes to sculpt the body. I also mix different weights of latex together as one would with normal fabrics I treat the fabric the same way as I would if I was working with silk or cotton but I happen to be working with latex.”



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