Lavinia Balaceanu

My name is Lavinia Balaceanu, I’m 19, from Valea Mare-Pravat, Romania. I’m studying Dental Technology at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest. I have a Passion for art, particularly drawing and painting have fascinated me since I was little and I can say that I’ve been drawing “since I can remember,” which is since kindergarten. As it came easily, I tried to expand in this field, initially only drawing in school, art classes, and in my free time at home. The area that I focus on most and try to perfect are portraits. I learned by studying everything related to physiognomy and proportions and then I would open a page on the Internet and try myself. Learning from different videos, tutorials or simply experimenting.

The portrait of Miss Suvari was something completely new for me. From portraits of friends and acquaintances to being offered such opportunities has been a huge shift. I was pleasantly surprised to get the message that I was asked to portray Mena. That was to be published in Trend Prive Magazine was also a cause for excitement for me, considering the experience the most significant moment of my way to go to be a recognized artist.


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PHOTOS by De Bona Virgil

Coordinated by TPM Romanian PR: Razvan Ferigeanu


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