Logan Neitzel

Logan Neitzel is a fashion designer and participant in the Project Runway – Season 6 TV series.

Logan Neitzel Collection is a New York based brand of designer apparel and accessories. Designs are gently avant-garde and conceptual, balanced by
classic staples. The brand references trends but is invested in original designs that are timeless and can be integrated into any wardrobe. The palette is
muted – each season features a color or two with the majority of designs created in black. Definitive materials include leather, fur, silk and jersey and
the emphasis is on structure, shape, fit and texture. Logan Neitzel appeals to all ages and both sexes – many pieces are androgynous – and to those with
a personal style that is strong and inspired.

How did you begin your fashion designing career ?
LN: I have always enjoyed making things with my hands, and having an interest in fashion, design, and art one thing started to lead to the next, and I began honing skills with different types of textiles that I really enjoyed.
What or whom inspires you the most?
LN: Life and experiences inspire me the most. I am easily bored so I like to try and see, touch, and smell. Without experiences and stories we are nothing, but another energy taking up space.

How would you describe your style?
LN: Contemporary, Brooding, Austere. I think it speaks for its self.

If you were to design a collection for someone with a different fashion style than yours, would the client be more important than staying true to your own style?
LN: It depends on the client. I am able to do many things and able to be inspired in many ways so if the right client has specific needs it’s almost a challenge to myself to stretch my boundaries to accommodate. There is a fine line though. I will not compromise my integrity and taste to do as I am told.
What makes your collection stand out from the rest of the other designers?
LN: I`m not very focused on what other designers are up to, but possibly the construction of the garments, and the textiles used. We are constantly experimenting and trying to push our levels of construction and thought behind each piece. if it ever came down to just making “clothes” then it’s not worth it to me.



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