Margaux Desvachez

French Stylist who studied at Maragono Institute, worked as an assistant stylist for Cosmopolitan Magazine and Assistant Responsible Shopping for Marie Claire.

I have always been into fashion and photography, but I mostly had a deep interest in illustration and visual communication.
I was going to attend to an art school in graphic design when I came across the Istituto Marangoni (fashion school in Milan, Paris, London and more recently in Shanghai) and a world I did not know at all, the world of a photo-stylist.

I discovered a new way to communicate through images. I like playing with clothes, different materials and movements and give them an identity.

guillaume-sanson jeade-thabuy pascal-bu_nning


What’s essential to me is the surrounding, the encounters you make, the way you work with new photographers, new teams every time, and sharing of talent and experience…

The image is very important. The things that some people are able to share over a picture, impresses me. I also created a tumblr on which I reblog all the pictures I like on the internet, even some of my own pictures, although I am not a photographer. I mixed a little of everything: fashion, design, movies, everyday life, depending on my mood and state of mind. This blog is a constant source of inspiration for me.


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