• Adelina Pestritu is a Romanian celebrity who started her career in television seven years ago, introducing a weekly news about the Romanian high society. Then she presented several other television shows,

  • v1or3l wrote a new post, Helen Utsal 4 years ago

    Vancouver Island artist Helen Utsal describes the patterns, light and movement of ancient trees, big skies and reflective waters in an impressionistic and emotional way.

    The extraordinary natural beauty found

  • My name is Lavinia Balaceanu, I’m 19, from Valea Mare-Pravat, Romania. I’m studying Dental Technology at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest. I have a Passion for art, particularly

  • v1or3l wrote a new post, Yoko Dharma 4 years ago

    Canadian born recording artist Yoko Dharma started at the age of 13 singing her own material. From disco bands to African dance troupes, Buddhist mantras to touring with her own original world/R&B music and

  • Resident Dj @ Circolo degli Artisti and a Musical Journalist

    Tell us a little bit about yourself:
    PSC: I’ve been a resident Dj’ for 10 years in Circolo degli Artisti, one of

  • v1or3l wrote a new post, Logan Neitzel 4 years ago

    Logan Neitzel is a fashion designer and participant in the Project Runway – Season 6 TV series.

    Logan Neitzel Collection is a New York based brand of designer apparel and accessories. Designs are gently

  • v1or3l wrote a new post, Franz Szony 4 years ago

    Franz Szony is a fashion, commercial and fine art American photographer who grew up in Nevada.  As the son of a casino manager, he watched all the shows that came to town.  The show’s costumes clearly have aff

  • French Stylist who studied at Maragono Institute, worked as an assistant stylist for Cosmopolitan Magazine and Assistant Responsible Shopping for Marie Claire.

    I have always been into fashion and photography,

  • v1or3l wrote a new post, Ronan Budec 4 years ago

    Ronan Budec was born in Saarbrücken, Germany on March 21st 1974. He spent the early years of his life between Lorient, France during summertime and Saarbrücken, Germany.
    He took an early interest in visual arts t

  • v1or3l wrote a new post, Andreas Ley 4 years ago

    Andeas Ley Photography, born 20.04.1975, from Saarbrücken, Germany.  He started his photography in 1999 with Analog-Cams and night-shots and found his way in 2004 to
    Fashion and Lifestyle-Photography. A short t

  • Inga Krasileviciute is a Lithuanian make-up artist and hair stylist living in Germany and working internationally. She teaches exquisite make-up classes and techniques, works with high-end photographers and has

  • German photographer based in Ludwigswinkel, he is a true inspiration to many and for many reasons. He specializes in Fashion, Beauty, Concerts and Sports.

    “I met Floh in 2009 and we immediately became friends.

  • LA girl transplanted to Texas (don’t ask) with more than 20 years experience in commercial, television and photography make-up and hair styling.
     I’m basically a “one stop shop” for hair and make-up. My fa

  • Freelance producer: Commercials, Documentaries, Corporate and Independent feature films

    As an independent film and video producer based in San Antonio and Los Angeles, Ken has the flexibility to

  • My name is Nyadouth Matuet , but I go as Destiny Matuet. I am a makeup artist in Calgary Alberta. Being Sundanese brings many difficulties in the world of Cosmetics due to the unique aspect of our skin color.

  • Kelly grew up in the natural setting of the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada. But she doesn’t paint landscapes. Or rather, not ones on earth. She is an autodidactic visual artist and says she “enjoys the

  • Once upon a time, I was a model/actress who graduated from the fashion merchandising program at Blanche MacDonald Centre for Applied Design in Vancouver BC. I returned to BMC as a lecturer for their fashion show

  • An avid photographer of small, precious things, Danielle is actually a dance instructor and incredible mother as well.  She holds the record for the most ACTUAL Pinterest lifestyle #WINS imaginable and is known

  • Sandra is a published visual artist currently residing in British Columbia, Canada. She creates beautiful and thought invoking pieces in the mediums of multi-media painting and sculpture.
    “I am an artist… I am

  • Rayna Lo was born in Chicago, IL.  and currently resides in Boston, MA.
    With the purpose of retaining my Taiwanese culture, I picked up calligraphy as a way to practice the written language. Looking back, this

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