Pepe DjSkalibur Carpitella

Resident Dj @ Circolo degli Artisti and a Musical Journalist

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

PSC: I’ve been a resident Dj’ for 10 years in Circolo degli Artisti, one of the main Live Clubs in Italy and besides that, I’m helping
them out there for art direction.  I`ve been the resident Dj for Hard Rock Cafe in Rome, but the number of clubs where I’ve worked is very, very long and impossible to remember.
I wrote for Rocksound for more than 8 years and I interviewed hundreds of bands of every kind of music… from Iron Maiden to Editors, from A perfect Circle to Stone Temple Pilots, from Norah Jones to Interpol, from Muse to Coldplay and a lots and lots more.

Where are you from?
PSC: Rome, Italy.

What or whom inspired you to become a DJ?

PSC: I fell in love with music very early, thanks to my mother and my father… I have more than 8000 vinyls and almost the same number for CD’s. I studied Law at University but I’ve always felt deep inside of me that all I would like to do in my life is to live for Music and to live with Music.

What are your plans for the future?

PSC: To work hard for my favorite club “Circolo degli Artisti” and to complete my own electro tracks which I started to write at the beginning of this year.

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