INTERNSHIP: Journalist / Content Writer

TPM is looking for individuals with an interest in writing to contribute content for both the online and print versions of the magazine as well as web content. Our categories include unique viewpoints in fashion, culture and the arts as well as sustainable ventures. We offer both experience in media that can further your career as a writer (TPM provides a written recommendation) as well as the ability to drive traffic to your own blog or portfolio through inclusion of a link in your bio. Having your own account with the website requires a minimum of one article per month, 300 – 500 words and images. We will guide you in your writing skills to some extent to help you understand how to write in a specific “voice” and offer other training that will be helpful in a future career in media as well as opportunities to attend events, represent the magazine as a correspondent, etc. Answers to appropriate Senior Editor.

– Posess an interest in art, culture, fashion, sustainability, life in general. We are looking for interesting and unique content which means interesting and unique individuals.
– Display ability to research content on topics given as well as create own topics of interest
– Load content into draft format for Senior Editor to proof
– Edit own work to be as finished as possible (spellchecking, grammar etc) although we are happy to work with writers who do not speak English as a first language provided they are fluent (both written and verbal)
– Develop relationships with necessary company representatives and fostering a positive image for TPM through interactions with various brands they may be researching or interviewing


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