Yoko Dharma

Yoko Dharma

Canadian born recording artist Yoko Dharma started at the age of 13 singing her own material. From disco bands to African dance troupes, Buddhist mantras to touring with her own original world/R&B music and opening for Jan Arden, Yoko has a captivating musical and performance background.

In 2007 Yoko co-produced and recorded her first album of Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras, “Yoko Treasury of Jewels,” an east meets west world music compilation which has received amazing reviews and was chosen as “editor’s pick” by Peters on CD Baby.  “Her voice is a bit like Madonna’s, that is to say, she is fully capable of pure enchantment. Yoko’s entrancing voice is a pure pleasure to listen to.” -Peters at CD Baby.

 Yoko is presently recording her debut R&B album “Freedom Reign” with L.A. producer Marty Rifkin who has recorded with Jewel, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John among others. The culturally diverse world music sound which influences “Freedom Reign” embody Yoko’s passion forunique world instruments and music which are a part of Yoko’s intriguing sound.  

Yoko has an intention to bring people together from all over the world through powerful music. Her motivation to break through cultural barriers using music as the conduit for positive global change, peace and oneness is a call to action and transformation of one’s mind, which is given to the listener by Yoko’s conscious lyrics throughout the album. Steeped in the basic human qualities of love, compassion and awareness, Yoko draws from the deep rooted wisdom that Tibetan Buddhism has given her in her life and reflects this in her song writing.

“My mission is to bring deeply meaningful music to the mainstream in a massive way. Music that encourages us to use our innate positive human qualities of love, wisdom and compassion to heal ourselves and the world we live in. I think that music can be a conduit for healing and transformation of the mind.”






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